Getting Started

  • Have you ever thought about all the contents of your home – all the big purchases you’ve made over the years?
  • Do you know when the warranty will expire on that big screen TV – was it 9 months ago when you bought it, or is it already out of warranty?
  • Have you ever wanted to start keeping track of your growing home library?
  • Do you know how many books, CDs and DVDs you own?
  • When you’re at the shops, do you wonder whether to buy that classic movie on DVD, thinking, “didn’t I buy this a few years ago?”

Our web site,, has been built with just one simple purpose – to help you keep track of your home contents. It’s in “beta” status at the moment, so I’m keen to get as many people as possible to try it out to flesh out any bugs.

When you visit the site, you’ll be invited to create your free account: After logging in, you’ll see a summary of your home contents (or, at least, you will once you enter the information):


If you click “Add an Item” you can record the details for an asset:

Click on the “Library” tab to access your library, where you can track your books, CDs and DVDS: Did I mention it’s free? Try it today!